[Videos | Photos | ENG subbed] 2015-08-31 G-Dragon x Taeyang "Take Care of my Fridge"

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English transcript:

MC Kim: Today's guests are BIGBANG GD and Taeyang!

TY: I'm really looking forward to today's recording, having
watched this show at home all the time.

GD: I'm GD, which is Jung Hyungdon's ex-man.

GD: Jung.. who?
MC Jung: Jung Hyungdon.
GD: I'm not interested in him, I'm just a fan of this program so
I've watched a lot.

MC Jung: Have you watched our show bc of me?
GD: No, I think this show is funny so that's why I've watched.

GD & TY: We've been friends for 16-17 years, since we were

TY: I'm looking forward to Chef Choi Hyunsuk's cooking today.
Also, his performance when cooking is awesome.

GD: We'll be giving points to the chefs who have good
performances while cooking.
MC Jung: Yeah BIGBANG is a good perf group.

GD's secret*
TY: GD's really talkative. The secrets and all... If we want sth
to be known by everyone, we tell GD.

GD: Members know my personality but they still tell me their
secrets. I think they "want" me to tell everyone. lol

TY: We say GD's mouth costs 10 won. but GD says he's got a bit
serious these days, so now his is 50 won..
GD: 500 won.

TY's secret*
GD: TY brings the food in our waiting room after our concert, the
ramen and stuff... he takes delicious snacks.

There were rubber gloves -used when washing dishes- in TY's
fridge so they were all surprised
TY: Why.. why is that in there?!

call TY's mom*
MC Jung: Did you put the gloves in the fridge? *expecting NO, to
suspect if it was TY's gf*
TY's mom: Yes I did.

MC Jung: You put the gloves in the fridge?
TY's mom: Yes, it helps the gloves not to go bad.
MC Jung: I.. didn't expect this.

MC Jung: Can you tell us "No I didn't" for once? LOL
TY's mom: Oh, Okay. "Who put the gloves in the fridge?!!"
Everyone LOLs

TY: Mom, because of you, there might be some weird news coming
out. LOL

MC Jung: White eggs are here?
TY: It tastes better.
Chef Hong: GD seems like he's wondering why the eggs are white

GD: I just eat whatever I get.
MC Jung: His taste is not that luxury.

MC Jung: Wines?
TY: I moved recently and ppl brought as a gift.
GD: Actually it's made in 1988, so we're kinda collecting them.

TY: I don't really enjoy drinking bc I don't get drunk easily.
GD: Actually his habit is to say he's not drunk, when he is.

TY asked chefs to make "organic hot dish" and "organic cold dish"
:D Chef Oh and Chef Lee are making "organic cold dish" now.

Chef Oh's cooking used Natto, cutlassfish, and kimchi to make
pasta. & Chef Lee used lots of fruits to make fruit salad.

GD: Chef Oh's dish tastes like these days BIGBANG, all mature,
and Chef Lee's dish tastes like when BB just debuted, fresh.

GD: *about chef Oh's dish* It's adventurous dish, but all tastes
make a good harmony.

TY chose Chef Oh's dish as a winner*
TY: It was a hard decision but I chose the taste which I've never
tasted before, new.

Chef Choi and Chef SamKim are cooking for TY, "organic hot dish."

Chef Choi: I'm using pressure cooker for the first time of my
life. I think I'm competing with myself all the time.

TY: I thought Chef Choi's bluff is all for the show, but he was
also being like that while break time. I thought.. Wow... LOL

Chef SamKim is not good at the "performance" stuff while cooking
so he's worried. So..

Chef SamKim: My dish is called "dom Shakalaka"
*"dom" is a jobfish in Korean

TY: Can you dance our "fantastic baby" boom shakalaka whenever
you put salt? as a performance?
Chef SamKim: I'll.. try....

TY: I was wondering how this sauce made by mango and kimchi would
taste like.. it tastes like western food, it's new.

TY: I was personally curious. Is your blood type B?
Chef Choi: Yes
GD: You're much like our member T.O.P.

TY: Chef Choi's performance things and he talks like.. I thought
I was watching T.O.P. LOL

GD: I personally like Jiri soup..
All: GD soup?
GD: *laughs* Jiri, the clear soup. So I really like this soup.

MC Kim: *watching GD eating* BIGBANG eats a lot. I heard he eats
most among BB members. It's a good thing.

TY: You told me I eat a lot but I eat alone. We both eat a lot
but you're saying good things to GD!? Why am I here?! *joking

GD and TY both chose chef Choi's dish as a winner.

Chef Choi: I'm just glad that TY enjoyed our cooking so much
today. *bluff
MC Jung: What, are you gonna be a politician later?!

GD's fridge will be revealed next week !!

Transcript and English translation by Kate @HuisuYoon, Screencaps by YB_518

Chef Sam Kim Instagram:
Source: https://instagram.com/p/7DBI2TS6X9/






Sources: Chef Sam Kim, Tony Hong and Wonillee.

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