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Transcript and translation by Kate @HuisuYoon

YooJS: I bought pants just like yours. *showing his baggy pants*
JYP: LOL you're here to dance!

YooJS: I'll hear it first and tell you... Ahhh..
JYP: If it's not that good, then I'll just put it in my album.

Listen to the song*
YooJS: Hmm.. I think you should put this in your album. Sorry.
JYP: I thought I wrote a masterpiece. LOL

JungHD: Honestly, I don't really like it. Let's listen to the next song.
OhHyuk: There.. is no next song. LOL

JungHD: One of the songs you sent to me is too... funeral-like.
OhHyuk: Listen to it w/ this speaker again. It could be good.

JungHD: Let's go outside and listen to what you prepared. Your house makes me sick so let's go somewhere else.
Band HyukOh wants the music to be somewhat oriental, but JungHD wants it to be somewhat big-scale and sing-a-long type.

Looking in OhHyuk's refrigerator and everything went bad and moldy*
JungHD: Eggs...
OhHyuk: They went all bad.
JungHD: ?!!!

OhHyuk: There is another song, but this.. is... the song which our band will gonna put into our next album.
JungHD: Play it!

ZionT got a call from OhHyuk*
ZionT: Is your music thing going well?
OhHyuk: *big sigh* I gave up... I'm half gave up. 
listen to the song*
JungHD: *clap* This is the one. Let's go for it.
*OhHyuk doesn't know he should be happy or not lol

OhHyuk: How many times do you call HAHA?
ZionT: Once in two weeks?
OhHyuk: ...JungHD calls me twice a day, morning and night..

HwangTaeJi went to swimming.

HwangKH: You two are here!
GDTY: Sawadikap- Kokuncap-
HwangKH: Why you two speaking in Thai?
GD: We're back from Thai.

HwangKH: You went to Paris, GD. You took a photo w/ famous celebrities!
GD: Nahhh, I feel more happy now bc I'm w/ you.

HwangKH: *driving* GDTY, look outside the window!
GD: And you look out front.

HwangKH: I saw the Navercast thing BIGBANG did. You were good.
GD: Seungri is more funny when he's not on tv.

HwangKH: Seungri is? Then what about me?
GD: You... You think you're funny?

HwangTaeJi riding that thing LOL
HwangKH: *grabbing the handle* I'll think this as you two.
GD: Okay, don't miss let it go.

HwangKH let the handle go a few moments later*
GD pulled HwangKH out of the water LOL

HwangKH: GD you look like a man in the movie X MAN!
*GD can't hear him*
HwangKH: Who am I talking to?!!!

HwangKH keeps shouting in the air, GDTY can't hear him.
HwangKH: You two can't hear me, but I have sth to tell you!!

HwangKH: c- Thank you for being a team w/ me!!! HwangTaeJi, we should make it hit!!! We forever!!!!!
*TY winked at him ;)

While TY was driving*
HwangKH: Wow all these trees. It looks like we're in another country.
GD: It looks... very-KOREAN. LOL

HwangKH: On the stage, we should stand in a line... The most good-looking one stands in the middle.
GD: You should, then.

*good-looking rank*
HwangKH: Don't be sulky, okay? I'm the second. GD's #1...
TY: I don't go sulky bc I like how I look. -c

HwangKH: You sound you went sulky already!
TY: I would say Kwanghee you're #1 and GD's #2.
GD: Kwanghee's #1 and TY's #2. -c

HwangKH: You two are making me look bad!
GD: We are, actually. LOL *jk

HwangKH: One internet site had a poll about the most expected team and our team ranked #4.
TY: Good, we're not the last one.

HwangKH: But GD's team has always ranked #1..
TY: ...You think it's my fault?
HwangKH: NOOOO!!
TY: Drop me off there, please.

HwangKH: NOOO, not that!!
TY: This is the most insulting word I've ever heard. I think I should be out of here. LOLOL

When GD grabbed out HwangKH of the water*
GD: Whut are you?!!? A paper?!?!!!!

HwangTaeJi went to Dolce Vita after swimming*

HwangKH: This is not what I bought...?!
TY: I bought it.
HwangKH: You're gonna cook? Are you good?
TY: I cook not bad.

HwangKH: I am a singer myself so I was a bit worried. Ppl would say Kwanghee's a singer but he's like that at music festival..

HwangKH: I was worried even more when you chose me. your music style can be ruined..
GD: Shall we.. Change team?
HwangKH: NOO!

TY: I've seen you today and changing team sounds not bad.
HwangKH: WHUT?!! DON'T!!
GDTY *joking

HwangKH: I'm a funny person so whenever I try to look good, many ppl just laugh at me saying what is Kwanghee doing?

TY: Then you should make ppl think differently this time.
GD: Make ppl think Kwanghee looks good, he's awesome.

GD: At first, I have no idea what we should do. Then last time, couple of choices have popped up. Today, more decisions. :)

TY: There were couple of things he wants to do and yes, we're making more decisions, and so on.

YooJS: Musicians will go into another room and write what's in their mind. The conflicts you had in your team and stuff...

YooJS: GDTY, your turn to go in?
*GDTY went into another room*

HwangKH: I think GDTY went in there to write some compliments about me.

IU wrote ParkMS forces only electronic music too much*
GD: I know ParkMS has a passion about his music. But music has its flow and its style. ParkMS put his EDM everywhere.
TY: I agree w/ him. I can't imagine IU doing EDM.

TY: I can't imagine IU doing that EDM shouting.
ParkMS: Then you want to do it, Taeyang?!!!
*Taeyang sang ENL making it EDM...

HwangKH: I prepared some music I thought abt.
GD: Touch My Body..?
HwangTaeJi dances TouchMyBody by SISTAR*
GD: This is good.


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