[Video | Photos | ENG subbed] 2015-06-07 BIGBANG on SBS Running Man

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Running Man was pre-recorded on May 25th, 2015. Here are some impressions from the day:

Info via @mystifize: Today was a closed recording. They were filming at the Racing circuit at Gangwon-Do. Info and picture via DCBB

The episode will be broadcast on June 7th, 2015.

BIGBANG Running Man via inmyworld vi

BIGBANG Running Man jny 02.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man jny.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man powervictory

BIGBANG Running Man choidot 03.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man choidot 02.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man powervictory 04.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man powervictory 03.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man powervictory 02.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man urthesun 02.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man urthesun 04.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man urthesun 03.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man urthesun

BIGBANG Running Man choidot.jpg

Bigbang Running Man by sreinforce 01

Bigbang Running Man by sreinforce 03


BIGBANG Running Man choidot 04.jpg

BIGBANG Running Man vicky.jpg


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Source: as tagged on photo, DCBB, SReinForce and via @inmyworld_VI, powervictory, URTHESUN, choidot, http://www.weibo.com/jenny35 offroad.co.uk, UTOPIA_871104

Article by Soompi:

BIGBANG Spotted Filming for “Running Man”

BIGBANG Spotted Filming for “Running Man”

It looks like talks for a new BIGBANG episode of “Running Man” episode were finalized, as the group, currently dominating charts and music shows, was spotted filming for the popular variety show at the Gangwon-do Inje Speedium on May 25. 

This will be BIGBANG’s first appearance on the show as a full group in three years, since their last run in 2012. The group also recently made a long-awaited show on KBS2’s “Happy Together 3.” 

Meanwhile, BIGBANG, having just landed their tenth music show win for “Loser” simultaneously with an “Inkigayo” triple crown, has a new release winding up for next week. 

running man bigbang

bigbang running man 1

Source (1) via Soompi

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