[Photos | Videos] 2015-05-04 G-Dragon and Taeyang at Chanel Cruise Event Party in Seoul

The event took place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul.

Carineroitfeld IG 2015-05-04
voguejapang 2015-05-04
W Korea GDYB 2015-05-04 02

Chanel 08.jpg

Chanel 07.jpg

Chanel 10.jpg

Chanel 09.jpg

Chanel 06.jpg

Chanel 05.jpg

Chanel 04.jpg

Chanel 03.jpg

Chanel 02.jpg

Chanel 01.jpg

The Fact 02.jpg

The Fact 01.jpg

Newsen 01.jpg

CynD 2015-05-04

G-One 2015-05-04 02.jpg

G-One 2015-05-04 01.jpg

Press pics via weibo 04.jpg

Press pics via weibo 03.jpg

Press pics via weibo 02.jpg

Press pics via weibo 01.jpg

chanel weibo 02.jpg

Chanel weibo 01.jpg

W Korea GDYB 2015-05-04

ELLE Korea GD Chanel 01.jpg

ELLE Korea GD Chanel 02.jpg

ELLE Korea GD Chanel 03.jpg

Dazed Korea GD Chanel 03.jpg

Dazed Korea GD Chanel 02.jpg

Dazed Korea GD Chanel 01.jpg

heren korea IG Chanel

Chanel 13.jpg

Chanel 12.jpg

Chanel 11.jpg






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Source: as tagged on photo: GD World, YB-518%, G-One, kor_celebrities, ellekorea, stylehmag, nuyousingapore, lofficielsingapore, wkorea, voguegirlkorea, ejsjejoo, issouny, langleee, shootingthestyle, ellejapan, numeromagazine, styleholic7, cyn_hung000, dazedkorea, jackwangg, realeunryoung, voguejapan, weibo, carineroitfeld, marieclairekorea, voguejapan, nuyousingapore, daisuki84, michelgaubert, ellejapan, lofficielsingapore, wwd.com, allurekorea, mappingmayhem, duangposh, cw_trend, Chanel website, mappingmayhem, allurekorea, ellejapan, michelgaubert, von_celety, daisuki84, mia_personality, modamijin, sugar0903, limgael, helena0516. Event invitation pics via yuuka4893


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