[Photos | Videos] 2016-03-25 BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] Tour in China: Nanchang


1. TOP was asked what he’d do if he was a girl. He said he’d make many girl friends, and invite them over everyday to sleep together. (via JETaiMeChoi)

2. Seungri was asked the progress of his abs. He said he exercises and was asked to show his current state (via MarvelousKwon)

3. T.O.P lost at one of the games and had the punishment of putting on the big pants and having a balloon blown up till it popped. T.O.P put on the pants and did a funny/sexy dance first.

4. They had to jump rope as a group for at least 20 times. They failed and had to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice.

5. When Seungri was drinking the lemon juice (as a punishment), he sang “Little Apple” but replaced the word “apple” with “lemon”.

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9. When asked about what he thought of the balloon punishment, T.O.P said he thought his butt might split open.

summary via BIGBANGupdates

This is only a small overview of the fan meeting. For more please visit Twitter and Weibo. Many people are sharing their fancams and photos taken during the event.

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Credit on pic/video and 城梦胜铉君 bigbang资源社 LOVESEUNGHYUN HALO_JYTOP

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