[Photos | Videos] 2016-03-20 BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] Tour in China: Hefei


1. After one of the games, where GD scored very low, T.O.P came over an kneed him in the butt for no reason, causing everyone, including them to laugh.

2. In one of the games, where you have to stop the rope so a pan doesn’t hit your head, GD missed and had a large flat serving pan hit the top of his head. Then as punishment he had to do a sexy pole dance for everyone. T.O.P’s pan also hit his head, but he didn’t even stop as he grabbed it and did a funny dance with the flat pan after.

3. GD once again mentioned how much he loved all VIP and asked them to marry him. Seungri made him do the lie detector test again, and again he got zapped. Though it is noticed that that Seungri and Daesung high five in the background, making some people think they sabotaged the test to make it zap GD. Either way, everyone was laughing in good fun afterwards.

4. GD ate an entire peeled lemon, and while he ate, Seeungri did commentary for him, saying “It’s so sour! So sour!” After eating the lemon, it looked like GD might start tearing, so Seungri commented to him “Cry….don’t cry….”

5. During one game, all of the members had to completely deflate large beach balls (larger than themselves) and get them back into their containers. THe members all bounced, fell, slipped and all around did everything they could to deflate them (see weibo video linked below for the full game). Daesung wound up winning.

Summary mystifize and bigbangupdates

This is only a small overview of the fan meeting. For more please visit Twitter and Weibo. Many people are sharing their fancams and photos taken during the event.

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Credit on pic/video and 蜜桃勝铉, 草莓牛奶咔啦啦 , bigbang资源社

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