[Videos | ENG transcript] 2015-08-01 G-Dragon and Taeyang on Infinite Challenge


150801 ???? ??? 5? GDYBcut by btpkk

Infinite Challenge 2015-08-01

Transcript and translation by @HuisuYoon

2nd Musician's story:
He's calling me every morning/night, demanding
me to write songs. I wrote 5 songs and he
rejected all.

-- 2nd Musician's story is about Band HyukOh --

GD: I think JungHD is whining cutely. It's like
after two ppl broke up, he's looking for his
previous lover from his new date.

YooJS: So you're saying JungHD is
missing/looking for you, GD, from Band HyukOh?
GD: *nods*

GD: Every artist has his/her own thoughts when
making music. Band HyukOh's thoughts hasn't
organized, it's hard to judge yet.

TY: I think this music Band HyukOh prepared
today feels really different. It'll be a
difficult decision for him if he'll gonna use
this for this festival or for his own

HwangKH: It sounds sad! He just said "for the
festival" !! I learned to sing for this
festival, I'm betting all I've got!!

3rd Musician's story:
Kwanghee... He's fine, but my body hurts the
day after we meet up... His energy and hwaiting
are good, but that energy makes me tired.. It's
okay that he can't sing or dance. I didn't
expect much. But the thing is.. He's not funny!
This is my 1st time to worry about how long
we'll be on the show.

I want to go back in time. I didn't think
thoroughly choosing him. It's not his fault.
It's mine.

I think this experience will make me mature LOL
TY's considering to retire right now. LOL

-- The 3rd musician is GD & Taeyang --

Kwanghee reading what GD wrote*
HwangKH: I feel like I'm kicked out from the
music industry now! *cries

GD: He gave #3 to TY when ranking who's the
good-looking. I know it's all for the fun show,
but it's.. Not funny! LOL It just hurt his
feelings! LOLOL So I just thought what... is

HwangKH: I wanted to go to YG but, NO. My
energy doesn't go well w/ them.
YooJS: Which company does then?

*FNC is the company YooJS recently joined

GD: It's just we didn't play the music to him.
But we already have something(music)

GD: No, it's not like that.
HwangKH: :(

TY: All I'm concerned about is.. music is
music, but I'm worried us three don't look
funny on the show. LOL

HwangKH: You two speak like I'm really not that
TY: I think you're funny.. w/ IC members but
not w/ us... LOL

GD: It's now time for us to work hard and show
something to Kwanghee.
HwangKH: Yo my friend~
GD: Don't... do these things. LOL

reading JungHD's rap lyrics*
GD: Rappers have.. rhymes, and we can tell when
reading a few lines. But.. I can't see

GD rapped JungHD's lyrics in his style x) & TY sang a song w/ an impromptu melody w/ the lyrics.

HwangKH visited YG building.

GD: I haven't sleep well. I was looking forward to what you'll bring to us this time. sth funny.

TY: I was worried bc other teams seemed they prepared so much. We don't have much time so we're staying up all night working.

GD: We're doing the world tour and we only think about you even on the stage.
HwangKH: You don't seem like you're thinking about me that much!
GD: We don't show it bc we're professional.

GD: We're making music and it's going well.
TY: We tried to mix everything you've told us about you last time.

GD: It can be changed but we call it "Oh No!", kinda exclamation that ppl shout out when seeing you being cool on the stage.

GD: It can be changed but we call it "Oh Wow!", kinda exclamation that ppl shout out when seeing you being cool on the stage.

HwangKH: Oh the song really makes me say "Oh Wow!" It's the best beginning of the song you've ever made.

HwangKH: It's better than I expected.
TY: Better?
HwangKH: I thought you'll make some easy melody song, maybe trot, bc of me.

GD: Last time you mentioned about being a team, and wanted to do a cool music. That made us change our mind.

TY: It's our first and last time doing a music together so...
GD: LOL TY just said the word "last."

HwangKH: Who knows?!! We should do this stage on the music shows. It's Win-Win!
GD: LOL Are you sure it's Win-Win? LOL

HwangKH: I love the song. I wanted to say sth bad to be funny but although they're so busy these days, the music's awesome.

HwangKH: Their music's so awesome, the beat and everything. It's my time to do my best and make this work.

HwangKH bought sweatsuits for the outfit. White for GD, Black for TY. & GD gave the 1988 Olympic cap to Kwanghee as a gift :)

GD: You said you wanted to wear the same snapback w/ us on the stage, so...
HwangKH: Omg three of us?!

HwangKH: It's limited edition, right?! Neuw Arriv?!
GD: What did you say? LOL
HwangKH: New arrival! New stuff!

GD: Other teams, musicians and IC members want each other to change. But we want to change Kwanghee and appeal to many ppl.

TY: We want to cover Kwanghee's weakness in the music, making music like that.
GD: Yes.

Yoo byungjae came to m :)

YooBJ: I'm watching every show and I'm sad that Kwanghee feels uncomfortable around BIGBANG.
GD: Yeah! Don't be like that!


Previous episodes can now be accessed with English subs on this website: http://kshowonline.com/category/42/infinity-challenge

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