[Photos | Videos | ENG Trans] 2014-11-13 Taeyang at MelOn Awards 2014 in Seoul

Taeyang receives Top 10 Artist and Song of the Year Award for Eyes Nose Lips at MelOn Awards 2014 


Translation by @ShrimpLJY:
"I don't know if I can win such a great award... I wouldn't be able to win this award if people around me didn't help me. I thank my parents, BIGBANG members and fans who always give me power.  My BB members, Jiyongie, SeungHyun hyung & our maknae SeungRi, DaeSungie.. thank u"

Performance of BODY and EYES NOSE LIPS:

Receiving TOP 10 ARTIST AWARD:

Translation of Speech via @Shrimpljy

"I'm happy to win this good award. Thank fans for all the love and support for a long time.  Although I didn't do much work. I will make a lot of good music ahead.  I especially thank fans who had waited for me so long. Thank everyone for giving me love."

Taeyang backstage with Hong Seokcheon (Tonyhong1004 Instagram):


Fan and press photos: