[Photos | Videos] 2014 Taeyang | RISE Tour in Seoul 20141010 to 20141012

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Day 1 - 2014-10-10:




Credit on pic and via twitter and instagram: aloha_mami, m4k3l2, lieunchaeii, lilxceejay. b/w pic by aidan_na on insta plus Credits via Twitter and Instagram: m4k3l2, iieunchaeii, soooooobiny, aidan_na, dongok85, adrianashim, kimyj_994, bigbangxibgmgie, valenxxia, urthesun, tyhundred, ybmaniaofficial, yb_518, bb_side, xo_hee, xxxcrazydog, blairkim88, w_banana, eunsssun2, imjcxx, attractive_sophia, nokiov, eun__mimi, kyunghwa_c, daughterofagony, lshxx__.

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Day 1 - 2014-10-10:

Day 2 - 2014-10-11: 

Two unreleased songs that Taeyang sang during the concert (Day 2 - 20141011) and also earlier in the year he sang the second song in the Nagoya Fan Meeting in Japan on 26th Feb 2014 too:

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Press photos:

Day 3 - 2014-10-12:

G-Dragon joined Taeyang on stage for "Stay with Me" and added "Crooked" as encore with both on stage.

(Photo by ming009_ on instagram)


Credits: as tagged on photo, e.g.: @always_gd + @GDWORLD_ + kiro_Seunghyun@Weibo + @with_gdragon, @GDREIRA + @avril_gdtop and YB-518, URTHESUN and many more as credited in the picture above.

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Selection of BEST OF pictures from all three concerts:

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