[OFFICIAL STATEMENT] TAEYANG♥MIN HYORIN “Wedding at a Church on February 3… No Plans on Honeymoon”
[OFFICIAL] “THE GREAT SEUNGRI” … BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI Will Release His First Official Solo Album on the 20th
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG DAESUNG Will Enlist On The 13th Following GD•TAEYANG… Volunteered Last Year
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG Drew the Greatest Number of Audiences Among Korean Artists… Audiences Drawn by YG Artists Surpass 2 Million
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG SEUNGRI Will Hold His First-Ever Solo Concert in 12 Years Since Debut… Date Confirmed as August 4·5th
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG Webtoon to be Released Today (20th) in Korea, United States, and Japan (ft. Character GO BLINGS)
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG’s New Single ‘FLOWER ROAD’ to be Released on the 13th… Composed By GD·Written By T.O.P “Made With Enlistment in Mind”
[Official] BIGBANG’s TAEYANG Chosen as Hononary Ambassador of 2018 PyeongChang Olympics and is Preparing a New Song
[Official] G-DRAGON to Come Back with a USB Album
[Official] TAEYANG unveiled the MV of “Intro”, the first track of new album “WHITE NIGHT”… Bold promotions
[Official] Title track of G-DRAGON’s solo comeback album is “UNTITLED”… “The story of ordinary man Kwon Jiyong”
[OFFICIAL] Tracklist For SEUNGRI’s First Solo Album Revealed (ft. MINO→B.I)
[Oh! Music] “G-DRAGON is now working hard”… YG’s full line-up for the first half of this year
[Oh! Music] BIGBANG is sweeping music charts+TV music shows+MV rankings… That is why they are called “God-BANG”
[Oh! Music] G-DRAGON, the icon of No.1 on music charts, captivating the world
[Oh! Music] iKON’s BOBBY to Release a Solo Album, a First since BIGBANG Members
[Oh!Music] G-DRAGON’s Next Album is to be the Saddest Album Yet, Signaling the Beginning of a Change
[Oh!SEN Focus] BIGBANG is really like the 7th member of “The Infinite Challenge”
[Oh!SEN Focus] BIGBANG X The Infinite Challenge, “Chase, Music Festival, and Muhan-Sangsa”… When the two meet, big sensation is created
[Oh!SEN Focus] BIGBANG·WINNER Followed Up By ‘BLACKPINK TV’..The BLACKPINK Reality Show We’ve Been Waiting For
[Oh!SEN Talk] Producer of “Single Life” show… “Kian84 who is a big fan of BIGBANG was so happy to see TAEYANG personally”
[Oh!SSEN FOCUS] ‘YG’s 3 Brothers’ BIGBANG·WINNER·iKON Take Over Music Charts
[Oh!Ssen Focus] YG Artists Dominate the First Half of 2017, and Now it’s G-DRAGON
[Oh!SSEN LETTER] iKON→BIGBANG→WINNER… The Three Brothers from YG Will Dominate the First Half of 2018
[Oh!SSEN LETTER] YANG HYUN SUK X G-DRAGON, ’18-Year Friendship’ That Shined Until The Day Before Enlistment
[ON-SITE VIEW] BIGBANG G-DRAGON “I’m Certain This is Not the Last”
[PICTORIAL] TAEYANG♥MIN HYORIN Reveals Couple Pictorial at D-4 Wedding Day… “Spotted with Couple Rings”
[Pop-up Chart] “Waited for a long time”… BIGBANG is sweeping No.1 on charts again after 1 year
[Pop-Up Music①] “Dominating charts alone”… BIGBANG vs. BIGBANG competition for this year again
[Review IS] I Live Alone Crew Boasts Incredible Casting Capability by Casting TAEYANG
[SBS GAYO-DAEJEON] “Top-class boy group”… A “real” performance presented by BIGBANG
[SBS GAYO-DAEJEON] BIGBANG’s finale performance for SBS “GAYO-DAEJEON”… Special performances of top producers gave even greater entertainment
[SCENE IS] ‘World ★→White Skull Warrior’ G-DRAGON Enlists While YG·Family·Fans Saw Him Off
[SS Music] “Solo comeback” TAEYANG’s thoughts about #BIGBANG #T.O.P #Min Hyorin #Sincerity
[SS Talk] BIGBANG caused new round of “BIGBANG” in the music scene
[STAR TALK TALK] “Trainees→BIGBANG→Military Duty” … G-DRAGON and TAEYANG’s Resembling Paths
[Starcast] Behind the Scenes of BIGBANG’s Comeback Stage
[TAEYANG’s Comeback③] TAEYANG’s Love Story from “LOOK AT ME ONLY” to “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” and “DARLING”
[TEN CONCERT] “SEUNGRI Is Our Everything” … Seungtsby’s Charm Needs More Than 2 Hours
[TV Bookmark] TAEYANG’s I Live Alone Episode Shows His Love for Korean Food Table
[TV Talk Talk] Two Legends, Infinite Challenge and BIGBANG, Meets
[V LIVE COMPREHENSIVE] SEUNGRI Captures Hearts of Fans Worldwide in 1·2·3… ‘THE GREAT COMEBACK’ (ft. BLACKPINK♥)
[Yesterday TV] BIGBANG in “Radio Star”, their outstanding sense of humor full-blown in the show
A Day to Go until the Grand Finale of BIGBANG’s 10th Anniversary Project
A Warm Brother Hug by BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON AND SEUNGRI on ‘Hug Day’
About MIXNINE, YANG HYUN SUK Says, “The difference is that it is made by YG and I hope G-DRAGON could appear on the show”
AKMU Says, “We don’t take no.1 place for granted, and we’re honored that our songs made it on the charts in between Infinite Challenge songs and BIGBANG’s songs.”
All songs are hit songs… BIGBANG’s set list? Of course always unrivalled [BIGBANG “FINAL 0to10”②]