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T.O.P introduced a girl he was going to marry to BIGBANG?
T.O.P Is Fully Awake and Walking Around
T.O.P joins the army, saying, “I want to go quietly, so please understand even if I don’t say goodbye”
T.O.P jokes that he fixed the raps in ‘Girlfriend’ so often because he wants a girlfriend
T.O.P judges BIGBANG rap battle on ‘Weekly Idol’
T.O.P Kicked From Military, Must Re-Enlist For 2 More Years
T.O.P missing from military ceremony due to unknown health problems
T.O.P recovers consciousness, able to communicate: family
T.O.P reportedly still unconscious + updates on overdose
T.O.P reveals he has a photo of Seungri in the shower
T.O.P reveals how many girlfriends he’s had + his strict criteria for women he’d date
T.O.P says he doesn’t stay in touch with Seungri
T.O.P Says, “I have no excuses, and I’m willing to accept any kind of punishment” [Official Apology]
T.O.P sheds tears talking about temporarily leaving BIGBANG for enlistment
T.O.P spielt in Out of Control | Nach Stunts auf A30: Dreharbeiten für Actionfilm beendet
T.O.P still in ICU, family requests his name be taken off list
T.O.P still in intensive care; YG apologizes for scandal
T.O.P Surprises Lucky Students At School Event Wearing Full Police Uniform
T.O.P takes sickleave – Committee to examine Military Service terms next week
T.O.P talks about his family of artists, skipping school during his youth, and more for ‘Men’s Folio’
T.O.P Talks About His Habit Of Uploading Strange Photos On Instagram
T.O.P to continue Military Service as public service worker at the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
T.O.P transfers hospitals in a wheelchair + apologizes to the press
T.O.P uploads a photo of himself on the toilet?
T.O.P was an inspiration behind the Joker’s look in ‘Suicide Squad’?
T.O.P Writes Official Apology Letter Regarding Drug Scandal
T.O.P. Reveals What He Hates About G-Dragon, BIGBANG Leader Conveys Sadness In Cute Way
T.O.P’s Doctor To Hold Briefing This Afternoon In Midst Of Conflicting News Reports
T.O.P’s military service suspended over marijuana scandal
T.O.P’s mother disputes police’s account of singer’s health
T.O.P’s mother expresses anger at the false reports
T.O.P’s mother expresses distrust in police reports
T.O.P’s Mother Shares First Real Update On His Condition
T.O.P’s sister asks fans not to send food to T.O.P in the army
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Taeyang #태양 Instagram video Aug 28, 2017 10:22pm (KST)
Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin Set A Wedding Date
Taeyang Attends Dance Battle in Disguise and Gears up for Enlistment?
TaeYang Burns “White Night” Away in U.S with Fans All Over the World
Taeyang Commenting on Tablo’s Live Stream 2017-02-01
Taeyang Confirmed To Make Double Title Track Comeback
Taeyang confirms who ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ is written for!
Taeyang Drops First Teaser And Confirms Date For Solo Comeback
Taeyang gets in tune with PyeongChang 2018
Taeyang has pre-recorded ‘Oppa Thinking’ (오빠생각) with Kim Heung-Gook today, broadcast during August