[Photos | Videos] 2017-06-10 G-Dragon World Tour 2017 [ACT III M.O.T.T.E] in Seoul


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Messages for GD:



G-Dragon ACT III MOTTE in Seoul (79)

G-Dragon ACT III MOTTE in Seoul (27)

G-Dragon ACT III MOTTE in Seoul (86)

G-Dragon ACT III MOTTE in Seoul (7)

G-Dragon ACT III MOTTE in Seoul (72)


GD: Heard that this album got a lot of 1st places on music chart. Actually I am tired whether from my spirit or body when I’m preparing this album but it got good result because of your support but also feel happy for hosting a concert here! Cr Hi_ShirleyXoX黎酱 via — 앨리샤 (@Eleasheah) June 10, 2017

Ji told iu to host his concert for her lmao and she was like is there any song you want to here? I’ll sing it all!! I can sing anything

— MFINGERUP_???? (@daeseungs) June 10, 2017

IU sent a gift to GD recently. It was a refrigerator FULL of drinks, Soju LOL
IU: Drink every bottle before your military enrollment!

— HuisuYoon (@HuisuYoon) June 10, 2017


There were messages from YG artists like Dae, YB, Dara, CL, Psy and those who are close to GD like Seven, GD’s family etc. #MOTTEInSeoul



During MC time, a fan screamed super loud: “Kwon Jiyong I love you!!!!!”
GD: You’re going to lose your voice screaming like that

— aRida (@mystifize) June 10, 2017

“If you miss me, go abroad and watch me.” – GD

— Abby (@abitkwonfused) June 10, 2017

-A fan ran up and hugged G-Dragon while he was performing, before being pulled off by staff. (see video below)
G-Dragon continued to perform like a professional and not stop the entire time.


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